Lead Generation Workshop

When I first starting working with Glenis I didn’t really understand what the numbers meant when I started jotting them down from month to month, but now I have 18 months worth of numbers it has really helped me see where my sales come from, and my key numbers. It also helps me see which marketing channels have the best conversion and creates the best leads. It has really helped me focus on what works, and what doesn’t. So I have been able to increase my business by over 200% in 15 months.

Ashley Portas, CEO DiamondPort

In this workshop, Glenis explains why most advertising that businesses pay a lot of money for just doesn’t
work and shows you how to put together ads that generate more leads, more sales and higher profits almost
immediately.  A must attend session for any small to medium business.

Sue PGG Accountant

Team Development Workshop

“It was great to have the whole teams input and to listen to my team’s ideas from their point of
view, this session has enabled me to see where I can improve as a CEO and letting everyone
have their buy in. This training has brought the whole team together and gives us the same
vision and can move forward in unison.”

Little Tummy Tucker – Team Day

“Glenis makes you accountable; you get new ideas think about the big picture for your business
and work on the business more rather than in it. Our team members have also benefitted form
he opportunity to have team training and I’ve identified some areas for improvement in myself
personally” “Gives you the motivation to act on things that you normally put off”

Motorhome Conversions Team Day

“The team development seminar reinforced the things that we have forgotten over time, with a
different point of view. I also loved how it was a small interactive group which allowed me
discussion time with peers.”

Team Day

“I loved learning about the team work and has been essential for our team to be involved with
for today’s session as I can see they are coming together and we could talk about the business’
future as a whole. I want to learn as much as I can from Glenis.”

Team Day

“By attending team training I have found out my weaknesses and now can acknowledge them
and improve myself for the future, now I have a better understanding of what a great team is”.

Team Day

“Glenis, you are such a motivating person, the content was highly relevant and the most
important learning for me was about being on the same page with the rest of the team. The
team work our company has brings a fire in my belly”.

Little Tummy Tucker – Team Day

Business Coaching Testimonials

In the last four months of working with Glenis, I have been able to change the way my
business results and go from what would typically happen to having real power around
what I want to happen and make it happen. I no longer have to accept the default
position and due to this my turn-over tripled last month.

Blok Furniture

The E- Learning System has made me realise the importance of processes and systems and
the reason for doing certain things when it comes to marketing. I am very excited to have
something specific to work with and understand now the importance of the lead
generation business card and the changes made to my website. I wrote an E Book
which is a powerful lead generating tool and revamped my website and business cards
while learning on the E-Learning System


“I have been working with Glenis for one month and already we have increased our turnover by
66%. I am now clearer as to where the business is heading and the actions to be taken to get


I love the coaching Glenis provides as she is empowering me in areas that I am not naturally
inclined to go too and I am enjoying the way the business is moving forwards from this.
Glenis has shown me a simple to apply system of applying leadership to my team and having
them take responsibility and be accountable.  Since working with Glenis I have gained new
clarity around how to organise, structure and plan my client work and incorporate some new
daily habits into my routine that keeps me on top of all the areas a Practitioner has to attend to.
The benefits to myself and the business has been I am now able to spend time with my team
with specific training and have systems in place that manage the backend it allows me lead the
business from the front and have time away from the business rather than not addressing
mistakes as they arise. I am no longer fighting fires on a constant daily basis. I am now aware
that knowing what to do is not as important as actually doing it. I would recommend Glenis to

any Accounting Business looking to improve efficiency and performance from both an operating
level as well as team performance.

Roger NG and Co

“Glenis tells you as it is and doesn’t accept no for an answer. She is honest and generous with
her time. I have had a business coach before and never had these results is such a short
amount of time. It is liberating. I now have time to grow and develop the Team and Business
with confidence directing it towards the goals we set with a piece of mind that I have not had in
years. It has not been easy it has been a bigger push then I expected but I am feeling more
alive and free.”

Gap TAX and Accounting

“I have been working with Glenis for 2 months now and already I have saved her monthly fee
from more efficient systems and processes which is an ongoing fixed cost saving. The indirect
benefits have been from the “TEAM training” program, we have had seen a massive shift in
“Teamwork” leading to the improved business performance.”

Wholesale Distribution

Since working with Glenis, I am realising the value my Business offers and have more
confidence in the service we provide. I like having the logical structured approach to coaching,
setting the goals and steps to achieve them. The E Learning support system to learn as you go
has given me the edge in this industry.

VB Designs

Since working with Glenis my business has experienced growth in excess of 30%. We have
extended the team to soak up the growth and I am working more on the business rather than in
it.  The strategic plan we set in place 10 months ago is coming together in every area of the
business especially how our team have all come together with the same vision to reach our
common goal. I can now see the solid foundation we have built will be the catalyst for future
“I would recommend Glenis, hands down. There are a lot of business mentors out there, but
Glenis already runs a successful business of her own – she’s not just a ‘textbook’ coach and
there’s absolute level of confidence in dealing with someone with demonstrated success. You
won’t get a better mentor. “

Little Tummy Tucker

Coaching under Glenis’s guidance assures you are going in the right direction, her past
experience in Business as well as Coaching gives me the confidence to know I am heading in
the right direction. The ability to talk through ideas as well as have the E-Learning system’s
tools and resources allows you to educate yourself and apply as you go at your own speed.

Ambient IT

“Glenis’ coaching has improved not only our time management but also our own performance
and that of our business. It’s lifted our sales results, repeat customers and referrals.
We have greatly increased the number of new commercial clients, put systems and plans in
place and have experienced record months in sales. The coaching has taken our business from
being an amateur to an athlete company.
Glenis has given us encouragement, motivation and great support. Since starting we’ve shot
many hoops and scored many goals – sharing the success makes it even more exciting. We’ve
definitely improved our business and taken it to the next level.”

D Tec Pest Control

“Glenis has had me realise that I have been spending my time and money on systems that
could not possibility work, because there was no SYSTEM… The E Learning system has made
me structure my marketing so now I don’t have to go around piecing information together.
Everything is in one place! After being in a dry desert of information, The Winning Effect has
given me the juice to get my business off the ground and into the stars ! “


“Being with Glenis is great – I like the accountability, it keeps me on track. I’m now doing things
that I should be doing, when I should be doing them and getting them out of the way. This lets
me do the things that I really want to be doing. “

Beauty Glow

“Every business owner can easily get off track. We can all get caught up with getting into the do
of our business instead of actually sitting back and managing it.
Glenis brings your focus back onto your figures, your data, staying in control and being
accountable for what you produce. That is something we didn’t have before. She keeps you
answerable. ”

Starcom Laptop Computers


“The word ‘hopeless’ characterised how I felt about my business and my role in it. When offered
the chance to attend a workshop run by Glenis I thought there might be something there that
could help drive positive change.
I wasn’t prepared for the light bulb effect that occurred when talking about a key ‘The Focus’. I
realised I was simply wasting too much time, which robbed me of the chance to work on the
business. I was spending too much time looking for things that I needed to do in the business.
I identified the two things that most impacted my time were a messy work environment and lack
of an ordered filing system. So, I created a storage system for my office that forced me to order
everything and clean up my messy office.
As a result, I gained about 10 hours per week – time that I would have spent “looking for things’
and I now use this time to work on and in the business with measurable results thus far.
For example, I’ve had time to investigate a problem with our invoicing system that wasn’t
charging gst on the parts we had sold. This represented significant lost revenue. Having

rectified the problem and without worker any harder I estimate we’ll add an extra $20,000 to our
net profit in the next 6 months. I don’t feel stressed when required to do something under
pressure now, I know where everything is and this allows me to work faster and more efficiently.
Thankyou Glenis, you have changed our business and our life.”

 Super Geek


“All the cash flow information, especially the cash wastage report”

 Powerhouse Painting

“Overall content covering all areas of a business, making me think about further improvements
to ours”

 D-Tec Pest Control

“Enlightening! Most accountants become aware of their clients plight only after it’s too late


“Gives you the motivation to act on things that you normally put off”

   Motorhome Conversions