Glenis Gassmann CA

Business Growth Expert

Master Coach ✓ Business Strategist ✓ Author ✓ Speaker / Innovator

With over 28 years of experience in leading and managing Small to Medium Businesses. Being able to mastermind, confide in and being responsible for your own Success and Destiny is KEY to a high performing business. This is what a COACH is for your business and a MAJOR Key in the success you will have.

No matter where you are in business our team of coaches will assist you with

  • Setting up a predictable source of leads contacting your business
  • Help you convert more of those leads and have them come back more often improving your margins and profits
  • To articulating the VALUE you are to your market so price is not a considering factor in selecting you.
  • If you want your business to have a strategy to improve it’s performance and give you the freedom to do anything else you want to do in life you are our Ideal Client and we will get you results PERIOD , or we will work with you for FREE until you do.
  • We work with you and your team to maximise every area of your business from setting up a system to give you predictable sources of leads to empowering your team to achieve business goals and create a socially sustainable business as well as everything else in-between. We get you and your business results … PERIOD!

Other Benefits from working with “The Winning Effect Coaches” are:

  • Strategic coaching and consistent accountability to keep focused and have clarity in your goals
  • Online E Learning to maximise and leverage training time for you and your team.
  • Choices in over 80 strategies to master in generating leads, converting at a higher rate, improving the number of times your customers come back to you and spend more with you
  • Workshops on new concepts and initiatives
  • Peer support of like-minded business owners, building collaborative relationships
  • Connections for Business Growth
  • And much more … see what others have said about working with us in our Gallery

“Widely recognised by her peers and clients as a professional and passionate about building strong and sustainable business models that generate leads, cash flow and profits”

The Winning Effect Coaches

Meet the TOP Professionals

Aaron Hunter

Business Consultant and Coach
Provides small, medium and large business support to find an improved balance between People, Processes and Systems that creates ownership, trust and efficiency in the business operations.

Bruce Frame

Business Coach
Worked as a coach and mentor for the last 10 years and specialises in helping small to medium business owners define their business goals and achieve them.

Ian Boland

Business Development Consultant & Coach
Strategic marketing growth specialist who works with growing florists, alternate health and real estate companies to achieve greater profits.

Paul Mead

Performance Consultant & Speaker Entrepreneur
I have had, to date, a unique strategic business, government, teaching and consultancy journey. Having served 11 years in the NZ Army, operating in some of the most volatile places in the world, it gave me a set of skills I rely on today.

Mark Carn

Business Growth Strategist
A performance-driven Business Coach, Business Growth Strategist, Leader, Entrepreneur and Master Licensee with over 19 years experience as a Business Owner, Entrepreneur and Franchisee.

Graeme Ridler

Lead Generation & Marketing Coach 
Graeme concentrates his efforts in 3 main niche markets – Startups, Associations and Industry Groups, and High-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution Small Business companies.​ Worked as a coach/mentor and business advisor for the last 10 years and specialises in helping small to medium business owners define their business goals and actions plans to be the best they can be.