About Us

Experienced Business Expert and Master Coach Glenis Gassmann CA Widely recognised by her peers and clients as a professional passionate about strong and sustainable business models that generate leads, cash flow and profits

  • Are you tired of declaring you are growing your business and find yourself running into challenge after challenge ?
  • Are you doing everything you know to do to generate leads and not sure why the time effort and dollars invested are not returning the profits you had budgeted for?
  • Could you benefit from a strategic structured approach with an experienced professional focused on growing your business instead of feeling like you are in it all by yourself?

Consider tapping into the expertise and built in support of a Master Coach and Consultant where your business will grow by implementation of new fresh ideas, consistent accountability and the occasional nudge to get moving on important new initiatives.

With over 25 years of experience in leading and managing Small to Medium Businesses. I can personally attest on how important the support of working with a professional to grow and sustain profitable businesses models as well as achieve your own personal goals and vision.

Whether the need is for generating a systemised steady stream of leads to empowering your team to high performance and everything in-between. I will personally work with you and your team to transition change to a sustainable business model and generate growth, cash flow and profits.


Some of the Benefits you will get from working with me and the team are:-

Master Coaching from a strategic level and consistent accountability

A 52 week on-line E Learning system as a resource to assist you and your team to create a steady stream of leads to convert

Over 80 strategies to master in generating leads, converting at a higher rate, improving the number of times your customers come back to you as well as spend more.

Workshops on new concepts and initiatives for implementation

Peer support of likeminded business owners, building collaborative relationships across the board

Connections for Business Growth

And much more … see what others have said about working with us on our testimonial page

To your $uccess